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Check Out What These SHS Student Were Found Doing After They Finished Writing Their WASSCE Paper

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The government is making good investment in education, to better the youth with good attitude, to cope with anything wherever they find themselves in the future, because the youth are the future of every nation.

Africa is really blessed with many beautiful and curvaceous ladies. When it comes to curvy ladies Africa is far ahead of the other continents on this earth.The world is changing from what it was to something we can not imagine. In the past, female were shy about showing parts of their bodies like their bottoms and boobs, but that is no longer the case. Today's young people have abandoned the ethical way of life of the past and have organized a way of life that does not meet the needs of society.

Nowadays, the moral decorum in our schools especially Tertiary education has been falling into shambles as a new video going viral has just confirmed the high rate of misconduct in our in the Senior High Schools in Ghana has been increasing day and out.

For sometime now, the news we wake up to hear or probably read online is something disgracing our students have done in various universities.

Being reckless is cool but having good conduct in high school is weird and out of the norm. This is the lifestyle of Senior High Schools and it has been like that since.

Hence, it comes as not being a surprise when you witness some of these behaviors emerging from our high schools. After Ghana emerged second and becoming one of the world's top adult content consumers.

That's part of the problem with our broken-down systems. Too much consumption of adult content will eventually breed a society of people with low self-control and that can lead to other unscrupulous behaviors and conducts like this one.

Lately, the circumstance has elevated and in case care is as of now not taken, our SHS will continue to encounter these horrible practices. A large number of these degenerate practices ought to be followed back to severa reasons.

A viral pictures and video have been circling on the web. Recordings of two male understudies and one female doing unfathomable things and provocative things has gotten consideration from many individuals after their photos and video turned into a web sensation on the online media. 

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