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Skin Care

Excellent: Clear All Skin Infections, Rashes, And Pimples With Camphor And Yellow Sulphur (Great)

Many people are sufering from many skin Infections and disorders due to the immense introduction of toxic chemicals in our water bodies and many turning them into drinking and household usage.

Many also aquire these skin Infections in various air pollution in our environment and the ugliest lifestyle of people not keeping the environment clean.

Some of the numerous skin deseases derived from these poor conditions are ezima,ring worm,heat rashes, black ring rashes,heel cracks and many more. Many are moving from hospital to hospitals and herbalist and more looking for healing in vain but I want to always teach and show simple solution to serious ailments which our forefathers effectively passed on to us many years now.

If it gets to a point where no medication works for them this one preparation never fails.

Kindly click, share and follow to continue sharing the solutions with you. For special consultation on chronic skin deseases further elaborations contact me on Zero five four one twenty twentytwo fiftyone (Nwanwani).

Ingredients: (1) Yellow Sulphur

(2) Camphor

(3) Shea butter

Preparation: Buy some powdered yellow sulphur from the market and some rocks of Camphor And some cuts of shea butter and take according to the quantity you want to prepare. Take a spoon of powdered yellow sulphur and a spoon of powdered Camphor And mixe with small amount of shea butter and start to use.

Usage: Apply as after bath cream, morning and evening and thank me later.

Content created and supplied by: Nwanwani (via Opera News )



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