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It's A Brand New Week: Begin It With These Beautiful Pleated Outfits

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Pleated outfits are having a fair share of the spotlight this year and one of the major fashion trends since 2020. Though it is some how tricky to style, there are many beautiful ways you can wear pleated outfits and still look classy in them.

When it comes to pleats, creativity is endless. It is a classic piece that can never go out of style and has successfully dominated the fashion scene for some years with some stylist getting creative with the trend. It’s the perfect blend of street style and feminine sophistication.

Pleated outfits like skirts are popular and trendy. The cinched waist and elegant longer hemline look great on all body statures. Depending on your mood and schedule, they can be dressed down or with sophistication to suit all occasions.

Pleated skirts highlight the waist and produce a slimming effect. In many cases, it helps to tuck in the top to accentuate one's curves. If the top is worn outside the skirt, a belt can be used to cinch the waist.

Stitched down pleats work great for those with a larger middle because they lay flatter and create a slimming effect. Hourglass figures should opt for accordion pleats. Accordion pleats with folds in alternating opposite directions look fuller in the hips. For those with a rounder lower half, knife pleats with folds turned in one direction have less volume and produce a slimming effect on the bottom area. Try out these beautiful outfits and thank me later!!

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A Brand New Week


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