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Alum might be safe for washing and tightening your lady part after all

Alum is a white substance that is usually in the form of a powder. It is mostly known for making water clean by making the dirt particles sink to the bottom.

However it is also used by individuals for beauty and cosmetic applications at home.

Some use it for making their own deodorants. Which are known to be very effective.

Some also use it as a mouth wash to help fight bad breath.

However one use that is gaining popularity is it's use by women for tightening their lady part. And they claim to to see good results. It is used mostly by ladies right after childbirth or when they realized the palace doorway has widened.

They dissolve a reasonable amount of alum into warm water and wash their lady bits with it. Some also pour it into bath tubs and sit in it.

They are no known harmful effects of using alum for tightening the lady part. Just that overdoing it and doing it frequently can irritate the walls of the v*gina.

Hence it is advisable to be done just before s*x for maximum pleasure for both man and woman and once in a while.

It is harmful to put the raw alum powder down there.

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