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If you wash your towel once a week, read this.

Sometimes to escape reasons to wash generally, we psyche our minds that the towel is not dirty and can be washed in a week or two later. Excuses of busy schedules for those of us working leaves our towel cleansing postponed for a month and a half or forever in the land of nowhere only to be used again.

But listen, towels absorb a lot a lot of water which obviously stay unattended almost like a pool of water which is a perfect spot for germs. If you still doubt it, explain this; how come stagnant waters and ditches are good for the life cycle mosquitoes? Then what will it be for the masters of the game (germs, bacteria, fungus, etc.)?

Healthline usually recommends washing towels after three uses not three days. Most users calculate by days but it is not so. Your skin suffers minute effects, the skin contains about 19 million cells with about 650 sweat glands in every inch of your skin telling you how already watery your skin is and can even be a better breeding grounds for germs which unfortunately it is.

Frequently wash your towels and let them dry absolutely before hanging them or leaving them in your room. The best tool to scrub off germs is an everyday washing. Don’t raise your eyebrows on me or something, okay, let’s do it this way; wash your towel after bathing every day just as one will wash an underwear. It automatically becomes a daily routine after several practice and small effort branding your towels fresh and refreshing to use the same way it’s so nice to use a fresh towel everyday.

Issues with not washing your towel includes:

1. Have you ever had skin irritation? Wash your towel.

2. Easy spread of infections from bacteria such as skin breaks though about only 10% of healthy people get infected. You may not get sick after putting on a dirty underwear but will you?

I’m off to throw my towel in the laundry, what of you?

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