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I Always Enjoy Myself: Miss Dridri Shows the world how curvy she is.

Most women love flaunting thier curves on social media and Miss Dridri is of no exception. Check out her pictures she posted to show that she is very beautiful and curvy.

The fashion, cosmetics, modeling and diet industries work hard to make and create the impression for us to believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement or enhancement.

A belief in the technological ability to improve on the body’s natural capabilities along with cultural assumptions about whatis considered to be “deficient,” “normal,” or “enhanced” have led to a variety of body-altering techniques that not only repair or replace functions, but may go beyond what is typically considered therapeutic medical intervention. In essence, the ability exists to redesign the human body accordingto particularneedsand desires, altering or building in new features. Most people of today seek technological innovations to get thier desired body shape whole others are naturally endowed.

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