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Skin Care

Supermodels apply these 3 Simple tricks to look young. Click to see what they use

Are you looking for away to look more younger? Here are the tips on how to look younger and feel your best at any age. Age is just a number, Nothing can never hold us from wanting our skin to look a little more plump.

1: Choose Lighter lipstick: this really works on mature skin just because the lips get thinner as we grow, says by the make up artist who works for Angelina jolie. If you want to choose a lipstick, choose a Flesh-colored shades, and its better to stay away from oranges because this can change the color of teeth to yellow. Caution, swiping on the lipstick without applying other make up can make your face to look older than if you wear no make up at all.

2: Sweep Blush up high: For example, You place your brush at the highest point of your cheekbone and you use color in a circular motion, one of the make up artist, Sandy linter, stated that it is better to go for the pinks and bronzes since both create less contrast.

3: Invest in the right concealer: using a cover-up can be a tricky way of apply, There are several formulas that sink into crevices, to emphasize the every line and you need to get the most coverage with the least product. This item doesn't contain much oil as regular concealer, it won't move, and its the better way to hide a sun sports.

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