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Why I won't vote for Any GMB Contestant till they do 4 things

Ghana's most beautiful is a program set to award the overall best model for a region amongst the 16 Regions in Ghana.

First of all, they wear makeups and appear not to be original, if indeed one is to be adjudged beautiful, the fellow should have some qualities including appear natural, avoid anything that will influence you appearance temporally, fixing new fake hairstyles including brazilian hair, bone straight hair etc. These do not define natural, the definition of natural is: "existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind" it can also be defined as "in accordance with the nature of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something".

Secondly, the Environment should be a natural place, maybe a bare land with some mountain view at the back or trees, not in such a fake environment, we understand a studio is a medium for TV production and shows but once you are after creativity, you should be creative as well, let there be variety, let the environment be natural, there should be change of environment, not always in the Studio.

Thirdly, Body Shaming, if you think only slim people are beautiful I'll confidently say you have become worse than a racist, let every lady feel confident and not as if they are doing something wrong, nobody made themselves. Like it stated earlier, let there be variety, if you think fat is unhealthy, slim is equally unhealthy in some instances, you can hardly see a fat sickle cell patient, Being " Chingilingi" is good but that doesn't mean others are not good in their own way".

Lastly, they don't carryout corporate social responsibility in the communities they win at, giving a winner a car is a 'selfish' and an impoverished decision, in this era of mass road traffic, unemployment and high cost of fuel, I was expecting GMB to rather establish a top business for the Winner or give the person an educational scholarship to offer either a PhD or Mphil in any of our universities, a car has no relevance to the region the person represents, besides the car cant shape the person in any way rather than putting a burden and pressure on them, teach people the right thing and when they grow they shall not depart from it.

Other options either than a car could be, firstly, Construct 5 Boreholes in the Best Region, specifically in some deprived areas then 3 boreholes in the Second best Region and finally one borehole in the third best Region.

You can also build a business for the most beautiful person and through that such a person can employ others. Lastly, you can offer an education scholarship to the second best Winner.

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