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10 Great Wonders Of Charcoal You Should Know

Do you know there are 10 Great wonders of charcoal you’ve never heard of? 

Our forefathers used charcoal in a variety of way to their benefit. Most of often ask, how did our forefathers live that old, some passing 100 years and others.

The answer to this question is not a fixed one but rather a broad one. However, the important thing is that charcoal played a critical role in their longevity and so today we will have a look at how Charcoal can be of importance in our current generation.

10 Great Wonders Of Charcoal You Should Know

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1. Getting rid of foul smell

There are many ways you can use charcoal to get rid of foul smell. For example, if you have a bad odour – you can just make finely powdered charcoal mixed with lemon and apply. If you notice some bad smell in your fridge or shoes, just grab some charcoal and put it inside those places.

2. Detoxifying food

Leaving in a generation where chemicals are mostly used in farming, you can trust charcoal to do some wonders here. For example, leaving veggies overnight in charcoal solution (powdered) will detoxify all suspected toxins.

3. Teeth whitening

Activated Charcoal: The Natural Way to Whiten Your Teeth - Thermography,  Health, and Wellness with Victoria Bailey CCT, CNHP, LDHS

It is no surprise the brand “Pepsodent” has now realize the benefit of charcoal for cleaning our teeth. Just grind some charcoal and mix with lemon, put on your brush and keep brushing the normal way.

4. Keeping food fresh

One fastest way to keep fruits and veggies fresh and ripped is by soaking them in ash (powdered charcoal) overnight and that’s all.

5. Restoring Soup

Don’t throw your soup away, simply because you forgot to heat it and you think it has gone bad. All you have to do it to put that soup on fire and drop some charcoal in it and leave it to do the wonders for you.

6. Neutralize alcohol

If you think last night was too busy and you still feel the booziness, just get a few charcoals, make a solution and drink it.

7. Charcoal has been also used for ages for healing wounds

8. Water filtration

Before these current ways of filtration, charcoal was among the few perfect choices used to purify water before consuming.

9. Drawing out poisons

Snake and scorpion bites result in serious poisoning. Drinking a solution of charcoal most especially from the Mopani tree have been noted to draw out the poisons.

10. Topically, charcoal can be used for skin cleaning.

Have you used charcoal for any of the above reasons before?

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