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GMB 2021, meet the likely four finalists (opinion)

Wednesday, August 25 2021

Ghana's Most Beautiful is arguably the best beauty pageant in Ghana. The TV3 reality show allows ladies across the sixteen regions of Ghana to demonstrate what their regions have to offer to national unity and development. The 2021 edition is in its 6th week and already 5 participants have been evicted.

During the launch of the program, General Manager of Media Generale, TV Category announced that this year will see six ladies in the grand finale where one of them will be crowned while three others will be rewarded as 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner ups. This is different from previous editions where only four made it to the grand finale. Entertainment desk of CitizenOne, OperaNewsHub has been following the program since day one and has come out with these four participants as likely top four in the finals. The study took into consideration the performance of all the ladies and comments made by judges during their encounters.

In no any order, the four likely finalists are

1. Wedaga

The Upper East region's representative Princess Diana Wedaga came in not to joke at all. The 21 years old student didn't get a good start but she took the criticisms of the judges seriously and worked on her weaknesses. She won the model of the night on fashion night and it was her first prize on the reality show. Wedaga also emerged the most eloquent last Sunday. The Kasena Nankana native of Navrongo has so far impressed everyone who watched her.

However the votes she received last Sunday were enough to had sent her home as she was counted among the bottom four. Team Wedaga only has to intensify the campaign and Wedaga will make Upper East proud and herself great.

2. Safoa

Born Benedicta Safoa Asamoah, the Ashanti region's representative had a very good start. The judges prefer to call her 'Madam Speaker' due to her control of both Twi and English whenever she was on stage. Unfortunately for Safoa, last Sunday saw her worse performance as she stumbled several times during her delivery. But the Speaker didn't allow few memory hiccups to deter her. She invited an applause from the audience in order to buy time for memory. Madam Speaker indeed.

The black is beautiful lady of Adanse who won star performer of the first survived eviction last Sunday mainly because her votes were massive. Safoa needs to do little work on her delivery and Team Safoa equally need to be consistent in voting. Safoa can carry the crown to the gold city of Kumasi.

3. Setor

Setor Abra Norgbe is a 28 year old Medical Doctor representing Volta region. Setor has been consistent in giving her audience nothing but splendid delivery every session. In fact in the 3rd week of the reality show, Setor was taken away from the reality house because she was sick. She only returned 3 days to the show. But Setor surprised everyone with her delivery and even emerged star performer of that night.

Last Sunday, Setor did explicitly as she celebrated Justice Annie Ruth Baeta, Ghana's first female justice of the high court. Her delivery was exciting and she proofed that she knew what she was saying. If she maintains her consistency, Setor will make it to the end and possibly become the second Voltarian to wear the prestigious crown after Emefa.

4. Kwensema

She is the Central Regional representative for the GMB 2021. Her real name is Edith Arthur and she is 20 years of age. Unlike some contestants who flip flop from week to week, Kwensema has been building on her performance every single week. She is the only contestant who has won star performer, most eloquent and best costume but on different sessions. In fact among the four who are likely to make it to grand final, Kwensema stands tallest and is most likely to carry the crown.

Team Kwensema however needs to embark on serious campaign to ensure the pride of Central region makes them proud again after Akua did it in 2019.

Two contestants can however pull surprises and they are Mfodwo and Manu.

Next edition will analyze four aspirants who will likely fall on the way. You may follow me in order to receive that analysis automatically.

CitizenOne, OperaNewsHub

Content created and supplied by: CitizenOne (via Opera News )

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