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Know The Difference Between The Northern Kente And The Southern Ones; Don't Get Confused

Kente is a well known Ghanaian textile made of a handwoven cloth, strips of silk and a cotton in an elegant fashion. Everyone loves to wear Kente. In fact, it is an identity and whoever wears it signifies he or she is a Ghanaian.

There are different types of Kente being worn across Ghana but many people do not know that in fact, they are different. When they see you wearing, all they know is you are in one. But there are many distinction in the Kente cloth. Those woven by the Voltarians are quite similar to that of the Akans.

Also those in the Northern region in appearance look similar to the Akans' nu the way they are woven is far different.

In this article, I bring you some few differences between the two kinds of Kente clothes currently trending.

Samira Bawumia wearing the northern type of Kente in an elegant mannerThe northern Kente is woven with fabric and thread used for their popular fugu cloth. There are variety of colours and designs of the Kente cloth such as the ones worn by second lady Samira Bawumia.

In fact she is one typical example of people who use the northern region's Kente the most is and it has become widespread to commemorate special occasions.

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