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Fake social media lifestyle could become worse with new "digital clothes".

One in three women consider a piece of clothing "old" after one or two wears.

In today's fashion world, great style is linked to new outfits. Social media reinforces this idea, with one in six young people claiming they won't rewear an outfit if it's been seen online. 

Thanks to new technology, you could have all the latest and greatest fashion trends in your virtual closet. Meanwhile,in real life, you could have just simple clothes and fashion accessories.

It's not new.

Digital fashion is already used in games. For avid gamers, digital fashions take the form of "skins",outfits, and weapons that decorate the in-game avatars. Example, on Fortnite, a typical skin costs between $2 and $20 USD.

In 2018, Carlings, a retailer, launched the world's first digital-only clothing collection. Each of the 19 pieces were sold £9 to 308. Customers would provide Carlings with a photo, and a team of 3D designers would edit the digital outfit onto the client.

In 2019, they created the first augmented reality graphic T-shirt. It used Spark AR technology and a smartphone to digitally change the shirt's graphic design. When paired with custom Instagram and Facebook filters, the shirt's design seamlessly changes.

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