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Here Comes The Bag That Cost Over Ghc60,390 And Some Over Ghc1.2 Billion In Ghana Cedis

This Article Does Not Intend To Promote Or Advertise Any Product It's About We Learning Something On Daily Basis.

As Economics says as we are growing financially so do we have un-satisfy wants. Our wants are unlimited and we can never cease as brands are concerned. It's so surprising to see how people spend tons of money on simple items that don't need that much attention in my view. Examples are bags, purses, body lotions, and several other things. 

Well, economics is not wrong because when one is financially stable he or she goes in for expensive brands, and today we are looking at one item that can buy a mansion yet people spend on it for fashion. 

Here comes the Birkin Bag which is entirely made by hand and it's estimated to cost less than $10,000 (Ghc60,390.00 in Ghana Cedis) for a basic leather bag to over $200,000 (Ghc1.2 Billion in Ghana Cedis) for a crocodile and diamond style.

Birkin bag comes in four sizes that's 25, 30, 35, and 40 and before a customer can purchase it, he or she needs to have a purchase history with the firm that produces it (Hermes) a French company. 

And if you are being offered one, you don't expect to choose the color or the size and there is also a policy that regulates the number of times a client can purchase per year. 

One thing that makes the Birkin bag so different from all other bags is that it's prevent anything from spilling and is also made of premium materials like Calfskin, Alligator skin, Crocodile skin, and even Ostrich skin.

Some people believe Birkin bag is an even better investment than gold or the stock market in the sense that it doesn't fade as long as you use it and can resale it at a high price or an equal amount you bought, unlike the stock market which is not stable. 

A bag of such price can do a ton of work in Ghana and any other continent but for the sake of fashion and looking good it's normal if you can afford it. 

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Birkin Bag Ghana Cedis


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