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Inside Details Of Slay Queens With Pictures

There is a new brand  of women in town commonly known as “Slay Queens” on social media. And there are things people don’t know how it takes to become a “Slay Queen”.

A slay queen must have her make up intact all the time. She has to keep up with all make up and accessories trends.

That includes keeping tabs on all glam pages on Facebook.

Take a look too at her eyebrows. Currently, they are slaying on a new trend called wavy eyebrows.

 Social media trolls say that the queens put flowers on their heads to pay respect to their dead brains. 

With her makeup, a slay queen will look like any local or international celebrity or model she admires.

If you are  unlucky enough to meet one of these queens without her make up, you never recognized her.

A slay queen would rather sleep hungry but buy the latest lace weave or wig and have perfect gel polish on her “sexy” nails.

Slay queens sleep in their heels. No catching them in low life kind of shoes like flats! They know where the party Dey every weekend.

Indeed to become a slay queen is expensive.

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