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Take A Look At The World Most Bearded Women Harnaam Kaur, Encouraging Her Fans To Love Themselves

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In today's article, we shall be looking at one of the wonderful things God made. We shall be learning about the most beared beautiful lady in the. She goes by the name Kaur .

Kaur was born and bred in Slough on 29 November 1990 in what she explains as "a traditional Punjabi family".At the age of 12, Kaur was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome simply(PCOS),which is due to high androgens (male hormones)levels in women.

One of the indications of PCOS is hirsutism, or the proficiency to accumulate irrational facial and body hair. Kaur is able to grow a full beard as a result of her condition. While Kaur originally tried to eliminate her facial hair due to steady bullying, she has developed to take on her bizarre appearance and has become a spokesperson for the movement.

In conferences and on social media outlets, Kaur refer about the mishandling and harassment she collected as a teenager that led to her self-harm and endeavored suicide. In 2017, Kaur participated in panel discussions in the House of Parliament on topics pertaining to mental health, body image, cyberbullying, LGBTQI+ and how social media, businesses, schools and the government can assist with the growth of positive body images.

Kaur utilizes her profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to provide numerous body-positive campaigns. She often posts content to improve attention of body shaming,cyberbullying and cognitive ailment. Kaur also attempts to challenge gender stereotypes in media. She has said, "I don't think I believe in gender. I want to know who said a vagina is for a woman and a penis is for a man, or pink is for a girl and blue is for a boy. I am sitting here with a vagina and boobs – and a big beautiful beard."

Harnaam has not being courted by any man in her life. On 25 March 2018, she declared that she never courted anyone and never had a sweetheart. In addition, she said that her livelihood and career always has been a substantial part of her existence.

Currently, she is not courting anyone and appreciates a single life. 

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