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Meet the model who became famous after changing her gender.

The world of fashion and media has over the years received changes in it dynamics. We are now seeing people who were once believed not to be the right persons for modeling turn the pace setters for the industry. Apart from plus sized models, another category of models who have been making name for themselves are trans models. These are models who have changed their gender, either from male to female or vice versa. Although they are not so numerous in the system, they are performing very well in their respective careers. In this article, the spotlight is on Ceval Omar the trans gender model.

Transgender, or trans for short is an umbrella term for a group of procedures that are undertaken to give an individual a sex other than the sex assigned at birth. It may involve surgery or legal documentation or a combination of the two.

Ceval Omar is a Somali-Norwegian model who lives in the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States. She is 26 years of age. Omar was born a male but later changed her gender to female before joining the fashion industry in 2018. Omar's transgender process is not well known, however it turns out she now one of the most heavily endowed models out there. She gained much of her popularity after setting the record of becoming the world's first trans model to sign multiple contracts with three of the world's top fashion agencies; Heartbreak in Oslo, Muse in New York and 'Present' in London, all within a space of 24 hours.

She has also worked with renown brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and Shein. Ceval has amazed over 11.6k followers on Instagram who she constantly updated with fashion style pictures of herself. Check out these photos of her;

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