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Here are the latest twist hairstyles that have been trending this week.

Even though some people argue that the twist style of box braids do not last,you cannot deny it has an air of simplicity and elegance about it.The twist style is from experience, one of the simplest and less time consuming braids to have. It consists of weaving hair into ones natural hair,as braiding is usually done.Only this time, it's not woven into the usual 'mesh' we usually see,but is parted into just two lengths, hence the name,twist.

Personally I think twist braidstyles were not really in fashion until currently, with the varying designs and styles of braids available in the market these days.Although beautiful to look at,it's sometimes difficult to maintain and doesn't last as long as the other styles,because it's not as complexly made as those.

It also seems the bigger the braids,the harder it is to maintain for long.Usually it's done in mostly black,but of course you can use whatever color that suits you.

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