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6 lovely cornrows styles for kids.

The first thing to know about cornrows is they were made specifically for curly, coily, and tight-textured hair, people have emphasised that those textures are usually delicate hair types. A braided style, like cornrows, helps protect the hair from moisture loss and breakage." It's why cornrows, and many other braided looks, are classified as "protective" styles.

In the early 1500s, cornrows were used as a communication medium amongst various African societies that were later forced to migrate to the Americas as slaves, where their customs followed. In Africa, braids used to be a way to show people who you were, what town you were from and many more. They signified your tribe, your marital status, your wealth, religion, and more. Unfortunately blacks were dehumanized during enslavement by having their hair cut off, which alienated them from their relatives, homes, culture and—ultimately—their identities. 

The world must know braiding has been weaved into the DNA of Black culture for generations. For many Black women, getting their hair braided serves as a right of passage. Countless Saturdays have been spent by young girls sitting nestled between their mother’s legs watching movies, as curls transformed into beautiful braids, even though mothers rarely braid for their kids these days, the salons do it . And we all know how crucial finding a great braider is for all of our exquisite braiding, twists, and lock styles. While braids may have gained more popularity and visibility in recent years, the style has a rich history spanning generations and continents.

Cornrows have become quite popular world wide and even white people rock it now, celebrities have rocked runways with it.

Try these lovely hairstyles on your kids, protect their hair, make them look beautiful, lovely and exquisite.

Here are 6 styles on your kids. Remember cornrows never run out of style.

Photocredit: @braidsncornrows on Instagram

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