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Hair Care



Check out these simple ideas on keeping your natural hair clean and styled at home.

Contrary to what a lot of people think or remember, publicly and proudly wearing of natural hair only came into fashion a few years ago. Racism and colorism,two very real phenomenas colored people are fighting even now,played a huge part.Schools were not allowing black children to keep their natural hair texture, under the pretext their hair was 'nappy'.

I say all that to push the fact that,though we've come a long way,we've not quite reached there yet.Let's wear our natural hair proudly and without any shame, regardless of what anyone says or thinks.

The most common and easy styles of keeping natural hair is probably putting it in a puff,as shown above. You could use a rubber band,a lace,anything that is strong enough to hold the hair back. It's simple, not distracting and barely consumes time.

Wearing it in puffs is also an elegant style that suits anybody who tries it.

Also leaving your hair up in an afro,or tying everything back is a convenient way of keeping the hair styled.

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