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Don't Fall Victim For These Fashion Mistakes.

Don't wear short sleeves sweater.

It's not a good idea to wear a short sleeves sweater because the main motive of wearing a sweater is to keep you warm and it should come up to your wrists.

So immediately you see someone wearing a short sleeves sweater then your mind will start telling you there's something wrong with it.

Never wear a short that is below your knees.

Wearing a short below your knees can appear very strange and unappealing to the eyes because immediately the short is below your knees then we start to confuse wether it was a trousers and have change over time or what's actually the problem.

In fact just don't practice it.

Desist from wearing a short with pointed shoe.

Pointed shoe appears very visible and when it's combined with shorts people tend to see the shoe more than you yourself and it doesn't even look nice in the first place and should be discouraged.

Don't tuck in or put tie with an African print.

Tucking in and putting on neck tie is not an African origin and can't be done on an African print.

It's therefore not appropriate adopt that fashion sense because a lot people know it to be wrong.

Let your shoe and belt be matching colors.

This has been a rule of dressing in the cooperate society and you might be denied a job vacancy or admission to your favourite school if you disobey this rule while attending an interview.

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