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Makeup Skills

Why I Think Nana Ama McBrown Looks Different Without Makeup? - SEE Surprising Photos

Since heavy makeup became mainstream, most ladies have sought to it even though what they are going to do does not require that. Because of that their real face are not known. This article will explore why I think she looks different wif not ugly without makeup.

Nana Ama McBrown is one Ghana's biggest and influential celebrity. Due to the nature of her work, she has to always apply makeup. Whether it being an advert, photoshoot, movie or show, she has to apply makeup.

Because of that, she is always under heavy cladded makeup. As a result of this, many Ghanaians have not seen her true face. It has been decades since she stopped coming to air without make up.

It can be recalled that, she made headlines when her real face was revealed without makeup. Most Ghanaians didn't have mercy on her. Some laughed at whiles some called her ugly.

I think that due to she frequently applying makeup, it has wrinkled her face and also given her black pigments on her face.

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