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The Battle Of The Hair Keeper To Be Judged Based On His Brains Rather Than His Hair

Several years ago I watched a movie called trading Place. The movie was woven around a story in which two wealthy brothers decided to bet a dollar on turning their well-educated and perfect manager into a street beggar whilst replacing him with an actual beggar on the street. This means that the beggar will be turned into a manager to work for the wealthy brothers whilst the manager will be turned into a beggar on the street. So they set out to tell lies on the manager and fabricated stories that got him completely messed up to the point that he tried to commit suicide. Whilst the street beggar was groomed to replace the manager. In the end, the street beggar and the manager whose life was destroyed got together and destroyed the two wealthy brothers and turned them rather into homeless street beggars

The ego of a man especially a man that is powerful and wealthy is a very precious commodity. The governing council of Achimota school has nothing to lose by allowing a man who decides not to cut his hair to develop his brains and make something out of life through the four walls of the well-respected Achimota school. But for some reason even when a competent court of law finds it necessary to agree with the hair keeper, the governing council still found it hard to accept that you cannot force a man to do what you think is right for you so far as he is within the laws that govern us as a country

Ironically, what the hair keepers are fighting for is the same thing great men who have passed through Achimota school to become national leaders had also fought for. The true liberty of a man to make choices that makes him happy and satisfied as a human being.The kind of liberty that even the creator of the heavens and earth did not take away from a man

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