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Ladies: 5 hairstyles you need to try this 2022.

Changing hairstyles most especially for ladies can be an exhausting task. You wonder what style to do next and if it will look good on you. Generally changing hairstles are a headache but it is a real struggle for women with 4c hair or afro hair.

Yes, i know many are wondering what 4C hair is, 4C hair is made up of tightly coiled strands with a very tight zig-zag pattern. Type 4C hair has no defined curl pattern, it has to be defined by twisting, or shingling through the strands. it is the most fragile hair type and more prone to shrinkage and dryness. 

Looking carefully most Ghanaians have 4C hair, leading them to always braid protective styles to prevent any stress.

It is easy to leave your hair in a protective style like braids or twists for months and assume it is growing and thriving. When your hair is in a protective style for months, it isn't getting moisturized often and this would lead to it breaking off.

When trying out protective styles, you should only leave it in for about 4-8 weeks or learn to take breaks in between styling. After you take out an old-style, don't put your hair back into a new protective style instead wash your hair and allow it to breathe.

Protective styles are any styles that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and minimises manipulation. Protective styling gives the ends of our hair a break from nasty weather conditions. These styles tuck away our delicate ends and usually group the strands together.

Today, i bring the hussle to a stop, yes no need to worry about which protectice style to use, whether corn row or box braids, I've brought them to you.

Yes, 5 exotic hairstyles that will leave you look glamorous and beautiful.

Love them right?

Comment your favourite and what you'll be trying soon.

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