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Here Is Why, Joe Mettle Has Cuts On His Cheeks. PICS and DETAILS

Cuts on cheeks on some Africans are common, especially among the northern dark skinned people of Africa and its best known easily as tribal marks. In various parts of northern Ghana and Nigeria for instance, it is prominent.

These marks are usually engraved by piercing the skin with sharp objects like blades and knives and mostly in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, tribal marks are common and some people have these marks on the faces, chests, and other parts of their bodies.

It’s therefore surprising to be seeing such tribal marks on Joe Mettle’s cheeks, especially when he is a Ga and from a religious Christian background of some sort, but this piece, has all the details as to why it is so.

Joe Mettle with his biological father in a pose.

Well, apparently, whiles as a child and growing up in their family compound house, Joe Mettle fell sick and was near death, as every medicine could barely help him out. It was during these hard times that, the parents were advised to seek spiritual help for him.

He has shared severally that, he was therefore taken to a very powerful shrine around James Town, where the leader cut one of his cheek to cure him of the ailment and afterwards, went on to cut the other cheek as well, as he was not getting any better after the first cut.

Doubting his tribal marks still?

Well, fast forward, we know he has moved on fast, and has dedicated his life to serving God with his soothing voice and life and with his songs, literally been used by God, to bring healing and restoration to many, we can only assert that, Gods mercy may have kept him alive for a time such as these and definitely not the cheek cuts.

Joe Mettle despite these cuts though, has maintained some of the freshest looks on the celebrity scene in the country and he is definitely one fast rising personality, in international circles and beyond.

As a musician and entrepreneur, his career and music studios are doing extremely well and he is certain that, it’s all been the very hand of God, leading him onto to a great destiny of impact and relevance.

All PICS from his Instagram.

Content created and supplied by: TommyO'Dell (via Opera News )

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