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Achimota Rejects Ghanaian Boy With Rasta But Accepts Caucasian Girl With Full Set of Natural Hair

Last week the subject of discussion was the issue of a Ghanaian Rastafarian boy being rejected admission into Achimota senior High School. There were split perspectives about the issue. Some were advocating that each and every student should abide by the rules by presenting themselves to the school with clean cut hair.

Others were also with the perspective that each and every individual has the right of association or religion and that being a Rastafarian shouldn't be grounds to deny him education which he qualified for.

Supporters of the young boy also added that so far as he can keep the dreadlocks clean then he should not be rejected from the school.

However, Achimota senior High School stood its ground and stuck with its decision not to accept him into the school.

Accra Academy however stepped in diligently and provided admission for the young Rastafarian which earned much praise from various Ghanaians.

However recent developments have surprised many Ghanaians. The school (Achimota Senior High School) has been alleged to have accepted into admission a white caucasian girl with her full set of natural hair without any fuss whatsoever.

This has sparked a reaction within the Ghanaian community as they ask why their very own has been rejected and presenting no means to compromise, while a Caucasian has been accepted without any buzz or resistance whatsoever.

Some Ghanaians reacted by stating the following

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