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Lady Goes Creative As She Wears Cucumbers, Chickens On Body To Mark Birthday Today

Birthdays are a special time of year. They remind us that we’re growing older, but they also symbolize how far we’ve come. Many cultures say that your birthday is more than just a special day of the year.

As we go through life, we realize that what we like, what we think, and what we desire is not the same for everyone. We are all individuals, but there are exact things that makes everyone a truly unique person.

Ella chose for a more dramatic and humorous birthday photoshoot instead of the usual sparkly outfits and professional cosmetics for birthday photoshoots. A clothesline served as a necklace for Ella, who was adorned in cucumbers and chickens.

Ella is a recent college graduate and a young agricultural entrepreneur who enjoys a relatively carefree existence in the countryside. No doubt she will continue to make headlines with her humorous images. Everyone on social media gets a good laugh from her every year, and this year's is no exception.

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Cucumbers Ella


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