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Casual Friday: Your Night Got Better With These Beautiful Yet Simple African Print Designs

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Well today, let me bless you with a little bit of history. Casual Fridays, also known as dress-down Friday is a Western dress code trend that has been in existence since late 20th century.

Being casual does not mean, you need to dress shabbily but rather in a chic way. There is the need to tweak your outfits a bit on Friday by keeping a keen eye on matching outfits with the appropriate accessories.

As the name of the style suggests, there is the need to contrast your clothes in a casual and a chic way too. If you really want to differentiate between another-day-at-the-office-outfit and a fun, stylish, casual-chic outfit, use your accessories to create a totally different look and feel. A pair of black slacks can look amazing with a belted, white, button-down dress shirt or African prints.

Here in Accra especially, a lot of people prefer to go casual in African prints on Fridays and it has become a norm. For your Friday hangouts and little parties, try out these beautiful African print outfits for a fun Friday.

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