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What is all these? Ladies latest artificial Bottocks surface online.

The emergence of artificial Bottocks is fast trending in Ghana. The mad rush for these fake hip and buttocks enhancing panties have become the order of the day. Young ladies have been patronising these commodities on the local market without recourse. It is confirmed that these panties have become hot cake among young women, particularly Senior High School students, who wear them to attract their male counterparts and men in general. This is not surprising because one of the most attractive features men look for in a woman is the Bottocks.

What's new about the artificial Bottocks is the introduction of one that looks and feels like real Bottocks.

The technological ability to alter biology, along with the social conditions and cultural expectations that enable such transformations, is spawning a variety of techniques that augment bodily forms and functions. These techniques, collectively known as enhancement technologies, aim to improve human characteristics, including appearance and mental or physical functioning, often beyond what is ‘normal’ or necessary for life and wellbeing. Humans have always modified their bodies. What distinguishes these techniques is that bodies and selves become the objects of improvement work, unlike previous efforts in modernity to achieve progress through social and political institutions . There are profound effects on sociality and subjectivity.

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