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See what happens to your body when you eat this amazing fruit daily.

Do you know cucumber is a fruit ? Most people think cucumber is a vegetable. It is a fruit because it develops from a flower and contains the seed of the plant.

Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and nutrients.

One 300mg raw cucumber contains;


• Carbs

• Protein

• Fiber

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin K


• Potassium

• Manganese

• Vitamin B

Here are some health benefits of eating cucumber daily.

1. Provides hydration

Cucumbers consist mostly of water and they help prevent dehydration.

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining a healthy intestine,preventing constipation,avoiding kidney stones and more.

2. Stronger bones

Cucumber contains Vitamin K and Calcium which are essential for strong bones.

Vitamin K has been found to reduce the risk of bone fractures and also plays an important role in the absorption of Calcium.

3. Fresher breath

Cucumbers have phytochemicals that protect themselves from harmful substances on the vine. Due to these substances,it can remove harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Simply hold a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to kill the bacteria and cool the mouth.

4. Reduces stress

Vitamin B1,Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B7 found in cucumber are known to help lower anxiety and reduce the effect of stress.

5. Makes skin glow and more softer

Its cooling and hydrating properties help in rejuvenating dull and dry skin. Cucumber contains B vitamins like niacin and riboflavin along with Vitamin C and Zinc which are key to maintaining perfect glowing skin.

Keep your beauty cream aside and try eating cucumber daily.

6. Helps in losing weight quickly

The high water content in cucumbers helps you reach quick satisfaction,thus controlling overeating which can help you in your weight loss efforts.

It is free from fats and has a low amount of calories.

It is a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight.

Content created and supplied by: Michaelyeb (via Opera News )

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