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Wedding dress

Plus size: Rock these 5 stunning dresses as a wedding guest.

Being plus size isn't a crime, many people make it feel that way.

In Ghana most already made gowns are for small sized people, infact the majority of gown and dress makers forget about the beautiful plus size ladies out in the world.

I still can't believe this but it was statistically proven and its sadly true: millions of curvy and plus size ladies are left out of the dress shopping experience because most boutiques do not bring in gowns or dresses above size 14.

For too many plus-size ladies, what should be a joyful and exciting experience shopping for clothes and dresses turns into one of the most anxious-inducing parts of their day due to how they are treated in cloth shops and the body shaming.

It is only in rare cases that plus size ladies can find dresses in their size but even that they are often forced to select from options and designs that don’t fit their personality.

Just because a bride is curvier, more petite, or even taller than the average size, doesn't mean there should be less options at many stores for them. Ladies love clothes and should be allowed to choose.

I believe no plus-size lady should be forced to chose a dress which isn't their desire.

Traditionally, clothes experts have said that ball gowns and A-line dresses are the perfect and most flattering plus size ladies. Others have also recommend an empire waist.

If you're looking to hide belly fat in your dress as a wedding guest, then you should go for the right style first. Stay away from dresses that come in tight fits or mermaid dresses. Your best bet would be dresses that are tight from your bust line and a bit flowy when it comes to your belly.

Here are 5 stunning styles you could try if you are plus size. Just remember you are beautiful no matter what.

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