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Painful Story Of A 13 Years Old Girl Who is Slowly Turning Into Stone Due To Her Rare Skin Condition


Life have managed a many individuals in an unexpected way, some how seen the great side of life while some have been managed the awful side of life. A great many people were brought into the world with silver spoon and great wellbeing however some were brought into the world with an infection such are reality undermining. 

This is the account of Devine A 13 years of age young lady who is gradually transforming into stone. 


She is called ''devine'' and the vast majority in her general public continue to call her names like dinosaur, monster and numerous others. 

Her dad who was recognized as 'Deo' say that both him and his significant other have no clue about where the disorder came from however it has completely demolished their lives, According to him they enjoyed never been at harmony since the time their little girl began resembling a stone. 

As indicated by the guardians she is their solitary little girl and who was brought into the world typically however just following 3 months of birth, her skin began changing to the degree that the ailment influenced all aspects of her body. 

In view of her condition individuals call her names and surprisingly in school albeit different understudies sit two by two she sits alone due to the manner in which she smells. She is in every case calm in class and tops each test. 


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