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Why you should wear red

Red is one of the brightest colour. That is why the red clothes immediately attract attention to you. Maybe, that is why many girls avoid choosing red outfits: it seems that red colour is very difficult to combine with other colours and shades.

The colour red symbolizes love, passion and energy, as well as sexuality. This is a very active and even aggressive colour. At the same time, it is the colour of danger, it attracts attention. If you have a lot of red things in your wardrobe, then perhaps you can be described as a brave, purposeful, but rather hot-tempered person who likes to be in the centre of attention. If you avoid red in your wardrobe then you don’t like to attract too much attention to yourself, you are calm, but maybe a little unsure of yourself.

If you wear red, add accessories like scarfs, bags or belts. This makes you look interesting.

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