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Skin Care

Try these natural and effective ways to get rid of dark spots and acne.

One organic way of getting rid of acne is through the use of fruits and vegetables. There's countless fruits and vegetables you can either eat or drink or even use on your face.

Cucumbers are a great example. You can slice them and rub them on your face to exfoliate and clean your skin.You can mash and drink it for it to work on the outside. You can even infuse it into your diet so it helps in the long run.

Hydration has to be one of the easiest ways to get rid of acne.It is that simple, just drink water.It clears out toxins that cause the acne,it helps in skin exfoliation. It makes your skin clear in general and also the added bonus,healthy functioning of the body.

The last thing you could do is skin care.It could be normal things like not touching your face with your bare hands,washing your face every night before sleep and having a separate towel for your face only.

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