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Check Out Five People Who Are In Guinness Book Of Record Because Of Their Unusual Hair Type

Take a look at the some of the hair bizarre things people have done to get the strangest world records.

Guinness World Records 2021 features a whole chapter about those people who have record-breaking attributes, whether that's down to their height, age or a particular body part.

Included in this is a section dedicated to those who have set records with their hair, so let's take a look at their achievements

This article features 5 popular people who became Guinness World Records for their weird hair growth.

1: The Wig-Weaving Lady

Hollywood actress and model Drew Barrymore from the United States came on set with a huge hairdo that was 2.23 meters wide (7 feet 4 inches) in the beginning of 2017. Wig designers Kelly Hanson and Randy Cartagno worked together to create the 'hair Before going on stage, four people had to work together to get actress Drew's wig into place.

2. Lady with a full beard 

She is the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard, and she is from the United Kingdom. When it was first reported that she had a full beard covering her sideburns, it was in September of 2015.

The hair on her face is a result of a hormonal imbalance caused by polycystic ovarian disease, according to the Guinness Book of World Records entry on her beard.

3. Male with the longest beard in history

At the Guru Nanal Sikh Temple Congregation in Vancouver, Sarvan Singh is the spiritual leader. At 2,495 meters, he now holds the world record for the manliest beard. (8 ft 2 inc. )

4. Teenager with the longest hair in the world

When Nilanshi Patel was 16, she held the record for the longest adolescent hair. As a six-year-old, Nilanshi began growing her hair out and finally chopped it all off at the age of 12. She let her hair to grow to a length of 200 cm before having it trimmed.

5. The tallest Mohican Mohawk in full regalia

The United States' tallest mohawk record is presently held by Joseph Garrisamor. His hair is 1.0 meter in length, or three feet and 42.5 inches. According to Joseph, this hair treatment doesn't need a lot of upkeep and is visible from afar.

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