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No Bra Day: Admirable Photos Of Women Celebrating The Occasion

The Day without a bra, better known as No Bra Day, is not an invitation to take off your clothes just for the sake of it, but rather a campaign that aims to promote the prevention of breast cancer, one of the most lethal in the world. world. This day is celebrated every October 13 and is an initiative that emerged in the United Kingdom.

On Bra Free Day, women are asked to remember the importance of checking their breasts frequently, without taboos. In social networks, the hashtag #NoBraDay has become a trending topic, in support of Internet users for the objectives of the so-called “pink month”. This day is dedicated to raising awareness in people to fight against breast cancer and that is why we tell you the benefits in this regard:

Wearing very tight bras can affect our breathing. The nature of the human body is perfect, by not wearing a bra the body develops a natural support to make the chest stronger. The underwire of the bras apart from causing a lot of discomfort, help to shape, but they are too uncomfortable.

Wearing tight fitting bras causes marks and scars on the skin. When exercising it is recommended NOT to wear a bra, since there are suitable sports bra for each sport. I think we can all share that NO BRA feeling after a busy day. Life is better without a bra Support this cause today.

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