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Skin Care

Look At These Instagram Models Celebrating Their Curves Online

A beauty of a woman relies on her smile, her eyes , her long hair and her lips. And most crucial thing her soul and her heart if she is not fair from heart then you are ugly not everyone likes fair skin. If fair skin is labeled beauty then nigerian and south african can not partake in miss world competition.

How do we analyze an attractive and beautiful woman? What do women have to have to be assumed beautiful to you?

Everyone has different descriptions of what’s beautiful and its not often very simple to distinguish. What I think I might discover beautiful isn’t often what I really find beautiful when I notice one. Clearly many of the models who are apparently beautiful, I don’t consider to be so.

For me its very much about the sights, generally brown but blue can be very mezmerising too. The eyes transmit so much about the person and can just entirely captivate it

I love very natural looking women not too much talk about this.

I love very good healthy thick hair, preferably black or dark brown,

Strong characteristics, good jaw line, full lips and nose which isn’t too tiny, I don’t want tiny button noses.

The woman should not be too tall, I like smaller rather than taller women.

Check Out the pictures below to confirm;

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