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Makeup Skills

The newest innovative methods employed in makeup. Every lady should know this

Recently, many new and innovative makeup methods have appeared and these methods have made a qualitative leap in the world of makeup as a whole, and has been followed by many stars and screen artists as well as many women around the world. 

This article is going to talk about the latest methods for putting on the distinct and ravishing kind of make-up which will get all eyes on you.

Basically, women pay huge amounts of money just to do makeup only for them to be disappointed in the end. Sometimes, the innovative ideas of the make-up artists are not that catchy making ladies sad after paying for such a treatment. For this reason, I decided to find the solution to this problem. Many latest makeup methods have emerged and they are making women look extremely stunning nowadays. Let's go through them below;


Contour is a new technology in the world of make-up, which has recently emerged and has brought about a trend, change and transformation in the world of make-up. Following the contour technique in make-up has become an integral part of the modern make-up world, without which make-up cannot be beautiful, and this technique is used by most of the artists and stars around the world, as well as many women interested in their beauty. This new technique is based on studying the shape of the face and knowing its shape, whether it is circular, square, oval, long, or rectangular in shape.

After studying the face, its features are determined, and the beautiful features are highlighted in a light color from the foundation used. As for the features that contain flaws, they are hidden as much as possible by placing the foundation in a darker degree to give it a smaller shape, and thus hide part of it. It is even possible to reduce the size of the nose, reduce the size of the cheeks and soften their shape, reduce the forehead, and make a lot of changes. 


It is a foundation, but with a degree lighter than the degree of the face by about two degrees, through which the beautiful features of the face are highlighted, and it is intended to highlight them to give them greater beauty. Usually, the highlight is placed under the eyes, on the brow bone to show the eyes, and on the middle of the forehead and the center of the chin. 

Use of false eyelashes 

Recently, a technique has emerged based on placing false eyelashes on the eyes and merging them with natural eyelashes, and this step will highlight the beauty of the eyes and give them a more attractive shape and increase their breadth.

There are several types of false eyelashes, including light and soft bristles used to give a natural shape to the eye and these eyelashes are used on normal days, and thick eyelashes with long and compact bristles. These eyelashes are particularly used for occasions and parties, as well as many other types of eyelashes.

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