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There is nothing fashion about these jeans, it was invented to promote fornication: Netizens react

Everyone fancies wearing ravishing clothes which literally gets all eyes on them. It is very amazing as to how new inventions keep on announcing themselves on the job market and, I love how creative some fashion designers are. They are trying their possible best in creating the most amazing pieces which comes to mind.

In as much as some of us think the clothes coming out is only fashion oriented, some people on the other hand have different thoughts. They have the idea that some clothes were invented to push a certain agenda and for some, they even go the extra mile to say the clothes were made under the sea. I do not know where they get that idea but however, it is their opinion and I respect it very much.

There is a new invention currently causing stir on the internet. This new invention happens to be a jeans trouser which has a zip available at the back as seen below;

Some think this is a great invention but for others, it is an evil inventory targeted at promoting promiscuous acts. With this, you don't have to go through the trouble of pulling her trousers down, all you have to do is to unzip from the back and shoot your shots.

I think it is very clear the intentions of the inventor because looking at the comments, they are all convergent on one idea. Here are a few of them;

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