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"No Beard Gang" - See celebrities that do not have facial hairs.

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Beard is a new norm for people nowadays. It is now a thing that every guy wants to grow in order to attract a lady - as that's what attract some ladies. They do everything possible to grow beards to the extent that they buy creams to fasten and enhance growth of beards and side burns. 

Not quite long ago, those who keep beards were attributed to being "Yahoo Boys", as it was said that keeping beards was their symbol. But the opposite is the case now as both celebrities and non - celebrities alike, grow them. 

But as they say, most good things don't come easy. These set of people that are very keen on growing beards, tends to invest a lot of time and money into it, as you don't want a full grown beards thats not well kept or vice versa. Most celebrities have joined this trend of keeping beards including, Sarkodie, Messi, Majid Michel, amongst others. 

But today, I am not going to delve into the issue of the growing of beards amongst most men, instead, we would be looking at those exemptions i.e those celebrities that don't keep beards. They may have their reasons for not keeping it

 So in today's article, I would give you 10 celebrities from different spheres of life, Sports, Entertainment, Movies, etc, that don't keep beards, either side or underneath the jaws. They include :

1. Wizkid - The Nigerian superstar is not a fan of beards. He looks more handsome without as seen in his photos Just imagine how he would look like with beards.

2. Tony Elumelu - The Pan - African business man and motivational speaker is another celebrity that looks dashing without beards. He would look a little bit different with facial hairs. Don't you think so?

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - This list wouldn't be complete without the greatest footballer of all time. He is the most handsome footballer and he achieved this without facial hairs. He started growing a "goatie" at one time, but he stopped it. See his photos

What other celebrity without facial hair do you know? Leave your comments.

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