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Know Your Body Type And How To Adorn To Look Curvier And Beautiful

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Today, with our explanation of "curvy", we're relating more to size rather that volumes, but this doesn't assist when attempting to find apparel that fit and compliment us. While we don't want to be prohibited by too many laws, it can be useful to know what functions best for your body shape. 

Curvy "apple" figures are fuller in the inside without a defined midsection. When it comes to adorning the apple shape in swimwear, we carry two varied methods. 

Some women want to establish the look of a midsection with panelling, ruching and supporting mesh lining. Others want to wrap their fuller abdomens with styles that skim over the body.

Curvy "pear" figures have a smaller bust and waist, with fuller hips, booty and thighs. Swimwear styles, like our flouncy, with features on the top half give the illusion of fullness in the bust, balancing the proportions of the body. Look for frills, built-it breast pads and prints to draw the eye upwards.

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