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Lighten your dark inner thighs naturally and simply with twin remedy

Dark inner thighs are caused by dirt accumulated over the skin by sweating, rubbing, materials worn on the skin etc and shaving. It does not need too much medical care as it can be cleared right at the home using simple and natural kitchen ingredients.

It causes discomfort when one sweats too much or is exposed to direct sunlight. I bet you don't want your thighs looking all different from other parts of the skin with an unusual colour.

Keep on scrolling and reading and take notes on this brief article that will unveil all there's about to lighten up your thighs.

Ingredients for preparation

1) Tumeric: Use tumeric powder if available or grate fresh tumeric into a fine powder. Tumeric is one of the most used natural ingredients in skin lightening. It has curcumin, a naturally occurring yellow chemical which helps cut down excess melanin production in the skin. It also helps to achieve a smooth glowing skin. It is safe and convenient for most parts of the body.

2) Lemon: Fresh lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which has been proven scientifically to reduce the production of melanin. It is natural and safe for skin lightening, clearing acne and other dark patches. Just remember to use with caution because of its high acidity level.

3) Baking soda: Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda contains natural antioxidants which help in lightening the skin. It helps remove dead skin cells and achieve an even skin tone.

4) Aloe vera: Aloe Vera is a natural plant with thick leaves that contains a gel-like substance. The gel soothes the skin and fights skin tissues. It also helps to get rid of chafed skin because of the rejuvenating and lightening properties it has.

Preparation of remedy ( First stage )

1) Put a tablespoon of baking soda into a small mixing bowl.

2) Add a teaspoon of tumeric powder and mix.

3) Cut lemon into two halves and squeeze a tablespoon into it and mix.

Application ( First stage)

1) Dip lemon into the mixture and rub on your dark inner thighs as you squeeze for three (3) minutes both on each thigh.

2) Wash off with warm water and dry.

Preparation (Second stage)

1) Cut sides of aloe vera to prevent it from scraping your thighs.

2) Cut off the green surface to unveil the gel.

Application ( Second stage)

1) Use aloe vera to rub your dark inner thighs to exfoliate and soothe the skin.

2) Leave for twenty (20) or more minutes as you go about doing your thing. This may feel sticky but don't bother as it wouldn't last for long.

3) Wash off with cold water and you're right about the rise of the treatment.

Apply this three (3-4) times a week depending on the level of repair you want.

Disclaimer: This information is for general purpose and shouldn't be considered as professional advice as it is shared based on personal experience and research.

Note: Apply this remedy only when you don't have any allergic reactions to the ingredients used and for clarification, see your health personnel.

All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only.

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