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Things You Should Do When Bathing

Humans are complex creatures specially created and our cleanliness is a very important aspect of our health. The outdoor body needs care and attention. They need to be cleaned and cared for properly in order to be beautiful and healthy. When we shower, we often neglect to pay attention to certain body parts, skip certain areas, or don't shower properly. This overtime fungus causes bad skin, body odor, and even skin diseases. To maintain healthy skin, we need to wash all parts of the body properly.

1. Ears.

The ear is the most neglected part of the body, no matter how small it requires fast care and attention, not only for driving, but also for beautifying the face so that it requires proper care. Wash your ears with a soft sponge or bath towel. With your fingers, focus on the outside of the ear and the part that leads to the canal and the back of the ear. Do this for both ears at least once a day.


2. Underarms

The armpits are rarely exposed to air and have active sweat glands that often make them sweat. Underarm hair should also be shaved regularly. Wash your underarms with a bath sponge or a regular bath towel, scrubbing gently, not too hard, with just enough pressure to remove the sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells that build up there.

3. Fingers and toes


The legs and arms are very important to everyone because they are the most used parts of the body. The legs and arms are excellent carriers of microorganisms. They shouldn't wash easily. When you wash your toes, focus between your toes to remove the dirt and dead skin cells that have accumulated there. Do the same with your hands.

When washing your hands, try to wash each finger, focusing on the nails to remove any nails that fall under the nails.

4. Pubic area


This part is also mostly ignored by most of the people who think there is no need for washing.

>> For women, avoid using scented and antiseptic soaps when washing the pubic area. Use regular soap. Avoid washing the inside of the vagina. With a simple bath sponge or towel, focus on the outside (vaginal lips, clitoral covering, and clitoris). Extend your legs and wash from front to back (clean your vulva in front of the anus first).

5. Other parts

These other passages also cannot be ignored

> Language

>> nipples

>>> Around the lips and eyes.

Please Note: As good personal hygiene is required, it is important not to wash too harshly and excessively.

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