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Waist Beads Are Very Beautiful: Check Out Some Photos Of Beads On Waist Of Some Curvy Ladies.

You might have grown up with/around women who wear beautiful waist beads either made from glass, seeds or crystals or u may have chanced your most followed and favorite influencer decorating herself with some beautiful beads on the waist.

Waist beads can be traced way to the ancient Egypt where women were used to wearing waist beads to make them more attractive.

However in Africa it's has diverse meanings from Ornamental, Ritual, Religion and ceremonies it's believed this idea of wearing waist beads in West Africa originated from the Yorubas in Nigeria and including Ghanaians.

In Ghana some girls are given waist beads when they're coming of age and also represents the class of the girl as in fertility and economic status.

Apart from the these several implications, women are found more attractive and sexy when wearing them and it's very obvious.

I have gathered some photos from the internet showing beautiful ladies wearing waist beads and they look more sexier except to the beads-phobias just joking.

See some of the photos below.

Wow that's very beautiful

Content created and supplied by: Mathias69 (via Opera News )

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