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Makeup Skills

How to apply makeup all by yourself

Make-up is not a mask that covers the face but rather a form of art and self-expression. The application of make-up can be a pleasure, due to the absolute freedom of creativity and experimenting with different preferred methods. The article will mention how to apply facial makeup in detail and how to prepare the face before applying it. Below are some steps which can help you come out with the perfect makeup all by yourself.

Preparing the face before make-up

When most people think about make-up, they think of laying the foundation creams, and eyeliner, eye shadow, beautiful lips and others. This is all good, the only problem is that most of them forget to think about the steps that must be taken to prepare the skin for makeup, Preparing skin makeup ensures stability, the more prepared the skin, the better the makeup Below is how to prepare the face for makeup:

1. Choosing a suitable cleanser for the skin

The skin is cleaned so as to attain a pure skin by washing it gently. Use a natural, creamy cleanser for dry skin to help moisturize it. Use a natural foaming or gel cleanser for oily skin to get rid of dirt and oil on the skin without causing irritation.

2. Clean the skin: Here are some tips to follow to clean the skin.

a. Wet the skin with lukewarm water by splashing some water using your hands on it.

b. Gently massage the skin the size of a small dime-sized cleanser for 45 seconds in circular motions.

c. Rinse the skin well, making sure that no foam remains on the skin.

d. Dry the skin with a clean towel and not with rubbing, because rubbing the skin may cause irritation, redness and peeling of the skin.

e. Use warm water to wash the skin, because it helps open the pores and get rid of dirt and bacteria on the skin, while avoiding hot water that may cause the skin to dry out. 

3. Using an alcohol-free toner: Many people ignore the use of toners, but it is important because it removes dead skin cells, makeup or bacteria that the cleanser did not clean. This is done by applying an alcohol-free toner on a piece of cotton and gently placing it on the skin without rubbing the skin. A residual foundation on the cotton will be seen as an indication that the detergent is not enough. 

4. Peeling the skin: The skin should be exfoliated once or twice a week to get rid of the accumulated substances on it. Either using a towel or a piece of cloth and massaging the skin with it in circular motions, then washing it after completion, either by using peeling products sold in stores or by making a homemade scrub using sugar and olive oil.

Face makeup application

Here are the steps for applying face makeup so as to attain the perfect appearance you have always been seeking.

Preparatory steps for makeup: To start with face makeup, you must follow the following:

1. Using a serum to moisturize the skin. It is recommended to use serums that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and anti-inflammatory such as zinc, and amino acids. Note that the serum is applied before the moisturizer.

2. Apply an appropriate light moisturizer and make sure that the day moisturizers contain at least sun protection factor (SPF) 15 to protect the skin from the sun's rays.

This is done by gently pressing the skin after applying the moisturizer gently, and the moisturizer should not be massaged on the skin, but gently press on it, then wait 5 minutes before applying makeup. 

3. Sprinkle rose water on the skin, and this step is optional, but it makes the skin glow, and you must wait for the rose water to dry from the skin. 

4. Exfoliate the lips using a clean, damp cloth in small circular motions or use a moisturizer on them and leave it on for 10 minutes before applying lipstick. 

5. Choosing the primer: As the primer prepares the skin for makeup, it fills the lines in the skin and no wrinkles appear on the makeup.

The primer should be chosen according to the type of skin, for example, a light green primer should be chosen for skin that suffers from acne or redness. 

6. Foundation application: The foundation must be chosen that matches the color of the natural skin, and is tested by matching the color of the chest. It includes contouring, highlighting and blending.

The foundation cream is applied through the following steps:

a. Apply a little cream on the back of the hand, and then use a damp makeup brush or sponge to apply the foundation on the skin. Mix the foundation well. Apply some foundation on the facial spots using a concealer brush. Concealer is used to cover spots and dark circles under the eyes, and the method is to choose a concealer a little lighter than your natural skin tone.

7. Eye make-up: After the face has been prepared and its basis has been prepared, the transition to eye make-up is carried out by following the following steps: 

Make sure to buy high quality eyeliner and mascara.

Draw a line using eyeliner on the upper eyelash line, from the inner to outer corner of the eye, then use a brush on it to avoid the appearance of harsh lines. 

Use an eyelash curler.

Apply a neutral eyeshadow color to the eyelids.

Defining the eyebrows: As defining the eyebrows forms the face, if the eyebrows are dark and defined naturally, this step can be skipped, otherwise the following steps must be followed:

1. Choose a pencil that matches your natural eyebrow color. Use small sketches to create small bristles in the gaps.

2. Use a makeup brush to blend the definition on the eyebrows for a natural look. Use eyebrow gel to set them.

3. Apply blush to the apple of the cheeks to make the skin look fresh and healthy.

Make-up tips 

There are some tips for doing face makeup. Many ladies don't know these tips and this goes a long way to affect them when applying make-up. For this reason, I decided to let you know these tips so your make-up will always look ravishing. Below are the tips;

Do not apply concealer or foundation on the eyelids, as this will cause eye makeup to become wrinkled. 

Use fingers to apply foundation for full coverage, and brush for medium to full coverage. 

Apply the powder on the oily areas, and a little of it on the other areas. 

Define the top of the eyebrows using a pencil or powder to lift the face. 

Start by applying lipstick from the front of the upper lip line, and extend it to the corners of the mouth. 

Be as close to the mirror as possible when drawing eyeliner above the eyes, tilting the head up when looking at the mirror and bringing the chin towards it, looking down when applying it, and starting from the inner to the outer corner.

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