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Spiritual Meaning Of Loosing Hairs Or Hair Cut In Your Dreams

Hair is a symbol of glory. As a woman, it is the glory of her beauty. In the dream world, the moment you loose your hair, it shows there is a marital turbulent. From the Biblical point of view, it shows that your glory or security, power is being removed. It is possible that a very familiar person is responsible for the stability of satanic problems in your life. In some cases, it can stand as a sign of witchcraft agent trying to steal and manipulate you upon evil altars. When a man experienced a hair cut in the dream, then it symbolizes such a man will loose his power to woman either through sex or through evil foundation.

Going for spiritual warfare with witchcraft powers can save your destiny. Ask the Holy Spirit to recover whatever has been taken or stolen from you. Perhaps it could be your marital and financial keys. (Pray and fast for 3 days 6am to 3pm with Psalm 35, Psalm 18, Psalm 23). The moment you start these prayers, this constant demonic attack against the glory of your hair should stop.

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