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Skin Care

For acne, dark spots, oily face and facial hair, try these simple home remedies for a flawless skin

Every woman's dream is to have beautiful skin. We put in so much effort and expend so much money in the hopes of making our skin glow. Pollution and soil, as well as changes in the weather and the additives in our products, have a significant impact on our skin.

Let us now try some very basic homemade recipes to achieve naturally beautiful skin.

Bananas are excellent for your skin. Scoop out the banana's insides and combine them with milk in a mixing bowl. Now, thoroughly combine the ingredients and massage the mixture into your face in circular motions for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly. In minutes, you'll have the desired glow on your face. It may also be used to treat blemishes and dark spots.

Cucumber is another natural way to add shine and radiance to your skin. Break a medium cucumber into small pieces after peeling it. Then, after thoroughly blending the cucumber bits, strain the puree through a cotton cloth, allowing all of the water to drip out. Fill a clear bottle halfway with the juice and two teaspoons of honey. Using a small cotton pad, apply the paste to your entire face. The end result will astound you.

For those with oily skin, a natural mask can be made by mixing two table spoons of honey, lemon pulp, and water with four tablespoons of clay. The mask should be added to the face and kept on for fifteen minutes. Later, warm water may be used to wash off the face.

By combining olive oil and salt, you can make a very good facial scrub. Apply this paste to your face to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. The same effect can be achieved by substituting granulated sugar for salt.

Combine an egg white and two teaspoons of honey to treat pigmentation and dark spots on your face caused by sun exposure. Stir until a thick consistency is achieved. Apply this paste to the areas of your face that are damaged and keep it on for five minutes. Then, using a gentle face wash, thoroughly cleanse your face. This will aid in the reduction of pigmentation and give your skin a natural glow.

If you have facial hair, try this easy remedy for reducing facial hair growth. Prepare a mixture by squeezing 10 mL lemon juice into 40 mL honey. Apply the mixture to a cotton swab and rub it in the direction of hair development. After 15 minutes, rinse. Repeat twice a week for two weeks, then do it once a week to see if your facial hair condition improves.

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