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Being a bald woman in Ghana

Living without hair on your head in Ghana is really hurting.Looking at the saying the beauty of a woman lies in her hair dies that saying consider bald people?

Some people are born with baldness from the womb. Some were affected due to the gene they fell into in the family. Others become bald through the contraction of sickness. People were bald due to the unhealthy way they treat their God given hair.

People without hair go through some sort of humiliations and stigmatization from relatives,friends,loved ones, people who are even families of a bald woman encourage stigmatization in her absence.

With the fear of stigmatization, some go to the extent of showing tattoo designs on their head in replacement of the natural hair but even that does not go well with them.

Bald women who mastered courage to be in school have faced all kinds of mockery from friends in school. Some already gave up from schooling and decided to stay indoors doing nothing just to avoid humiliations from people they are living with.

Bald women are always called all sort of names inside and out side as well. Some are referred to as lesbians. Others are called devilish people because they are bald.

Come to talk of relationship of a bald woman,it is very difficult even though it is necessary for you as a woman but most men get involved with women without hair for a different purpose.

Some bald women fear humiliations and have locked up their self and life activities in the room. Others who build up the confidence to put up their real self and inner beauty are out there encouraging others who are also bald to come out bold and strong because no matter what that is the real you and nothing can change they fact.

By Abigail Liko

Smart News Gists.

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