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Simple Ways to grow your natural hair fast


Coconut oil and Castor oil can be great if they work for you. Everyone is different but some people live by one of these or even both. They are great for locking in moisture after washing and conditioning. If you don’t already, give one a try and see if it works for you. There are plenty of oils for natural hair growth including Jojoba and Argan, shop around and see what works for you. You can even use your favourite leave in conditioner afterwards depending on how moisturised your hair is feeling.

2.Protective styling( corn rolls )

We all know natural hair is beautiful and we can be tempted to wear it out all the time. Depending on your climate and how well you look after your hair, this could be a bad thing. We recommend finding protective styles that look good so can be worn out and do the job. Protective styles make sure your hair isn’t easily damaged by extreme temperatures which can cause loss of moisture and breakage. They also can make it easier to wrap up and wear a hat if it gets cold or rains. A benefit of some protective styles is that they can lock in the moisture so when you take them out you feel beautiful silky hair. Leah spoke about her hairstyles in her interview

3.. Deep condition

Deep conditioning is key to replace any lost nutrients from our hair. Many people use home made products for this and base them around a main protein ingredient. Hair is absorbent and after a wash with no product applied yet is the perfect time for a deep condition because there is nothing sealing/ blocking the absorption of nutrients.

4.Don't wash your hair too frequently

You should be washing your hair roughly once a week at the most. Moisture is key for our hair to grow and a high volume wash routine can leave our hair dry and without protection which will ultimately lead to damage and breakage. Many people wash once a week and others wash once every two weeks. Tylerand Sharna talk about this. Find what works for you.

5.Careful combing

Make sure your hair has lots of moisture when you come it. It is far easier to detangle moisturised hair and minimise self inflicted breakage. When your hair is dry, you could be used to combing as fast as possible whilst grabbing hold of the roots to minimise pain. The truth is, hair doesn’t have to be painful to come. Sometimes being wet is all that is needed but if you have extra tight curls try a detangler. Try a big tooth comb too.

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