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Transformation: Before and after images of plastic surgery operations

Some people are naturally endowed with thick, heavy duty and curvaceous bodies. Some of these people use them to venture into various careers and and sometimes end up becoming celebrities. A typical example of such persons in Ghana is Hajia Bintu. Other curvaceous women who are not so popular keep their bodies to their partners in their relationships. However, some people are born naturally with not so huge bodies but they sometimes wish they had them. Well, there are no limits to getting what one really wants in life, thanks to advancements in science. There are a couple of ways in which small bodied people can transform themselves into plus sizes and plastic or cosmetic surgery is one of them.

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that involves the alteration and manipulation, or treatment of disorders which are related to the skin and some internal body structures that affect overall appearance. There are a lot of different ways in which plastic surgery can be performed depending on the specifications of a patient. These include; "breast augmentations", tummy tucking, butt lifting, lip filling and rhinoplasty. In this article, I will be showing "Before" and "After" images of some butt lifting procedures.

As explained earlier, butt lifting is one of the plastic surgery procedures. It involves the creation of an incision around the gluteal area and using medical techniques to alter the appearance of the gluts. In the process, silicone could be inserted to increase the size or fats in unwanted places like the belly and arms could also be collected and deposited in the gluts. This increases the size and improves its curvature. Any excess skin will be cut in order to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance.

Plastic surgery is a well researched and completely safe procedure. Any danger that arises after undergoing plastic surgery may be as a result of over-sizing or careless operation.

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