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Are They African? Check Out The Only Dark-Skin Tribe With Natural Fair Hairs…

As people continue to unravel the dynamics of the world and understand the link between the various skin colour, the world, in turn, continues to reveal bits of phenomena that have left people admittedly surprised and curious on how intertwined the human races are. Have you ever imagined an African or dark-skin lady with a fair hair? Today, ladies dye and braid their hairs in different colors, but that’s not their natural hair. What if I told you there’s a dark-skin tribe outside Africa who naturally have fair hairs or are blond?

For several years, blond hair was attributed to Caucasians but the Melanesians of Solomon Islands are one of the few groups with blonde hair outside Europe. Melanesians are black island people in the south pacific that migrated over thousands of years ago, long before the Blacks that came to the Americas as slaves. It is believed that blondes could only be found among Caucasians; so, how do the Melanesians, mostly located east of Papua New Guinea in Oceania, have the striking contrast of the darkest skin in the world outside of Africa and blonde hair? This question has baffled many scientists for years. But for now, genetic experts and scientists have attributed the odd trait of the over half a million Melanesian people to inheritance of a gene mutation from the Europeans, particularly, the British, German and Australians, who have been associated with the island for several years.

Living in Solomon Island, one of the archipelago’s largest islands in Oceania, this group of people quite literally defies all stereotypes against Black people with blonde hair. Situated just north-east of Australia, the Melanesian’s have dark skin, large features and originated from Africa. They are undeniably, Black. The term “Black”, according to theOxford Dictionary is defined as: Belonging to or denoting any human group having dark-coloured skin, especially of African ancestry.

So, next time you see a black person rocking blonde hair, compliment them. Let those who stereotype the African race know that our people come in so many different colors, shapes, and backgrounds, and kinky hair comes in all colors. We can rock blonde hair, no matter which shade of black we are.

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